Is it possible to use Glide as B2B SaaS?

I’m curious to hear if anyone has used Glide to test an early B2B SaaS idea.

The problem, as I see it, is that Glide charges $30/mo for Pro apps, which would likely be a repeated cost every time you “onboard” a new company to this app. Is that correct? Has anyone managed a similar project?

Or, is Glide and its new pricing for Organizations trying to discourage this whole idea? (ie. is Glide hoping that someone at any given Organization will go to the trouble to make the app themselves?)

Depends on what your users need to achieve with the app. In theory it is possible to set up an admin/user functionality such that multiple clients could use the one app and you’d only have to pay for one app.

Is there a way to get this work with google SSO? i.e. allow a closed loop of emails to have access?

There is a feature called as email whitelists in Pro apps which allows only a list of emails to access the apps

Do you know if it’s possible to segment the whitelisted groups? IE so someone at company A can’t see the content of company B?

There’s some discussion here about something similar. Should be possible.

Hi, I am also interested to make something like this. I have some question about it.

  1. If a customer does not have a Google account, should I create a google account for each customer?
  2. About the privacy? Should I see all their Google Sheets? Because if I manage their Glide account I can see their Google sheets.

Sorry for english, I’m italian.