Is it possible to send multiple rows of Json data through Trigger Webhook?

Looking at the settings window of the request body item, there is no separate setting for sending data from a few rows or rows that meet certain conditions, but is it just sending data from the most recent generated rows?

If so, is there any way to transfer 10 rows to Json data at once in the latest generated order?

Yes. Do it like this:

  • Use a JSON Object or JSON Template column to generate the JSON for each row
  • Create a Query or Multiple Relation column to match the rows that you are interested in.
  • Use a Lookup column to fetch the JSON from each row via the query/multiple relation
  • Use another JSON Object/JSON Template column (if necessary) to construct the final JSON payload
  • Send that via your webhook.
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Thank you for your answer, sir.

We succeeded in collecting and transmitting all the data.

However, since it is delivered to Zapier through the web hook, all the data is combined and cannot be distinguished.

What did I set wrong?

Sorry, I’m not familiar with Zapier, so I can’t advise on that.
Essentially you will need to parse the incoming JSON and process it as a collection. I would assume that Zapier has methods for doing that. Somebody who is familiar with Zapier may be able to give more specific guidance.

Yes, thank you for saying that. You will be blessed