iPhone users cannot play audio buttons

Hello, Glide team.

I have created an app using Glide for my research. (I am using the free version).

My app is published under the “public with email” setting, and I have received feedback from 3 out of 3 iPhone users who have used it that the app shows an error when loading the audio and they cannot press the audio button.

This problem does not happen all the time, and two of them reported that they were able to play the audio at first, but halfway through the process, the above happened.

Their iPhones are of this kind:.

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max (system version 15.1)
  • iPhone 8 (system version 14.8.1)
  • iPhone 5s (system version 12.5.1)

I also asked four Android users to try it out, and they did not report this problem at all.
Could you please tell me why iPhone users sometimes can’t play audio?
Thank you very much for your help.


Can you send us the link of the app and tell us how to reproduce it?

Hello, thank you very much for your reply.

Please kindly find the link below: (As my app is set to be “public”, I removed the link after receiving your replies. Thank you.)

In the following situation, would you open one of the lists in the right tab of the app and press the play audio button? (Please see the screenshot)

  • On the second login using email address on iPhone (when “Public with email” setting), one of my users got an error that the audio would not play.

  • When other user reloaded the app on iPhone (with “Public” setting), she got the same error (audio did not play).

Thank you very much for your input.


It works for me on both:

  • iPhone SE 2020 (system version 15.1)
  • MacBook Pro 2018 (MacOS Monterey 12.0.1)
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It also works for me.

  • iPhone 13 iOS 15.1
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Thank you so much for trying.
I really appreciate for your kind help.

In that case, I imagine that the error is occurring under the following conditions:

  • When the app is on ‘Public with Email’ setting (I’ve just set the app to ‘Public’, but the error was happening when it was ‘Public with Email’).

  • When the user presses the play audio button repeatedly before the audio has finished loading (I must ask the users if this happened)

Thank you so much once again for trying it and telling me about it.


Thank you very much for trying the app and telling me about it.

I am glad to know that it works fine on the device you mentioned.

I will ask the user to carefully check again what happened when the error occurred.

Thank you very much once again for your help.


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