iOS 14 Rendering Issue

Not sure if this is a glide issue or iso issue but the apps won’t render correctly on iso 14. I realize this is only the first beta. The app doesn’t fill the entire screen only fills below the notch.

Any screenshots comparing what you see on the phone compared to what you see on the computer?

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Not my thread but I noticed this too, just started developing on Glide so I presumed it was normal…

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The images shown is the exact issue that I was talking about.

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Have either of you changed your theme color after installing the app on your phone?

No changes at all.

iOS 14 breaks the Bold theme.


Well, dang! lol

Given David’s response you can be comforted that making sure it doesn’t break the Bold theme is in the pipeline for IOS 14’s public release. :+1:


iOS 14 Beta 2 Bold theme still broken.

When you say broken, what do you mean? I looked at the 2 screenshots you shared a couple weeks ago and they look exactly the same aside from one on iOS and the other on Android(?)

This is my post but not my screenshots in the original post.

These are my screenshots here:

The screen shot above in on iOS 14 beta 2 and doesn’t render correctly.

This screenshot above it renders correctly on iOS 13 latest version.

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Also, as stated previously it’s being worked on. I’m just pointing out that in iOS 14 beta 2 it’s still not fixed.

It’s back to normal on iOS 14 Beta 3

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