Invite guestlist

Hi all,

I have a few questions about the wedding template that I want to make similar to the existing Ceremony app (

The idea is to sell a wedding app to the people that are getting married (obvious one). Everything works fine: uploading pictures, put a planning in place etc. Loving it!

I also want to give them the possibility to invite others to the app (guestlist) and only give them the rights to do this. Is this possible in any way? Couldn’t find it in the documentation.

Another question about the chat fonction: I want people to write a post in the wedding guestbook - is it possible to hide the text from other guests?

Thanks for everything and in advance for the help!

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In my opinion, chat is not the right place for wedding guestbook. You would have a “wedding guestbook” sheet that relates to the main wedding sheet with ability to take messages. In that sheet, you would be able to control, who gets to see what messages.

Now regarding invitations, make a “Invitations” sheet and create an invitation form for the wedding in which you would take name, email and other info you want for invitation. Then when invited people land on your app, provide a button on dashboard kind of page that says “View invitations” which will pull from the “Invitations” sheet based on that particular user’s data (matched by email address). For this to work you will have to make the app “Public with email” in App settings.

I would create an invite admin sheet and place the tab in the hamburger menu. In it you will have an email heading and the couples email only. Set the tab to filter by logged in user and show details. Create a form button that will be used to add guests. Finally, set a visibility condition on the button to only show if email is not empty. You can do something similar using the method above and using @mthakershi’s method of using a form instead of chat for the guestbook to only be visible to the couple.

The alternative for chat would be to have each invited user land a their own page and create a comments component that links only to the invited users email. That will keep the comments separated for each user so nobody will see another user’s comments.