Friend/ partner app

Hey everybody! Thought I might pick your brains on how to implement a friend/ partner app.

By that I mean, how would you create an app in which you can signup as well as send an invite to a friend/ partner for permission purposes.

For example: I build a game app that I want to share with a friend and only them. When I create my account I’d like to be able to add their email to send an invite which would link up the 2 accounts in order to play and chat.

Any ideas?


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You can create a form to pre-populate a new line in the User Profiles table, with the email of your friend and a column “Invited by”, filled using the email of the inviter.

Without knowing more about how you want to “play” together, I assume you can then create a room with you and one of your invited emails. There you can chat and “play”.

Yes exactly! A room, is exactly what I’m looking for. Essentially in that room I want for both users to have access to the others profile and the ability to make changes to things such as scoreboards while also having a chat function.

More so how do you keep privacy so you don’t get random people to join the game?

Then have another table for Rooms, add your email to one column and your friend’s email in another column. Setting row owners to those columns will ensure only you and your friend can view it.

Oh good point. Although can’t you only add one row owner?

You can add row owners to multiple columns, or if you’re willing to do it, then just name them “Email 1”, “Email 2” etc and place them next to each other on the Sheet so Glide converts it to an array column.

Thank you!!!

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