Invitation link does not work

I can send a link to invite you to join my team. When the recipient clicks on the link, the page opens. The page loads but does not continue. Have tried the process several times. even after 30 minutes the page does not load. I have also used multiple browsers and different email addresses. Unfortunately I have no success

Be sure that whoever is clicking the link is signed out of all Google accounts/Glide before opening it!

I have used the incognito mode for the test. In addition, from a browser that I do not use in normal cases. Unfortunately without that it solves the problem

Incognito mode is working for you?

No, it does not solve the problem. But to exclude logins, logins and the cache I used the incognito mode in MS Edge

I always see this screen for a long time:

I think MS Edge might be the issue. For accessing dashboard & app builder, Glide only (officially) supports Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. If you’re signed into your Glide account in Chrome, does the link work properly there?

Also important to note: Different links are generated depending on how you choose to invite someone…

  • When an email address is entered and you select “Send Invite”, a unique link is generated (i.e.: …/join/unique-string/team-name).
  • Whereas the “Copy Invite Link” button generates a static URL that you can reset at anytime (i.e.: …/join/static-random-words).

That being said, you may play around with either and see which one works best for your use case.