Invert Values In Charts

I’m not sure how common this use case is but I need to show positive values as negative and vice versa in one of my charts.

I’m creating a chart which displays the deposits and withdrawals from a savings account, based on transaction data from my banking app. My wonderful bank has decided to show deposits into the savings account as negative (because they’re deductions from my main account balance) and vice versa. So when I view how much I’ve added to my savings account in a chart, a negative value’s displayed.

I can find plenty of formulas for making negative values positive but there doesn’t seem to be one for making positive values negative. And I don’t want to use Paste Special here because the figures are updated automatically.

So if I could just invert the chart, it’d make a lot more sense to look at. I think this is an option in some spreadsheet software so hopefully it’s doable.

Just use a Glide math column and multiply them by -1

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