Calculation in the If-Else statement

I am creating an app to calculate my savings. I want to change the amount I am adding to Positive if the transaction type is Income and Negative if the type is Expense. How do create a column that multiplies the Amount by -1 if the transaction type is an Expense?

I would do it in a different way.

I will have two columns. Income Amount and Expense Amount. Another column to store your selection for “Income” or “Expense”.

Final column would be Math column which will add Income and subtract Expense.

In the form, you can show conditional field for Income and Expense.

Can you tell us more about how your app / data structure look like?

I already did that but there were too many columns so i was wondering if there was a cleaner way. Thank you anyway!

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You could create a math column that multiplies the amount by -1 so you have both a positive and negative amount. Then have your IF column return either the positive or negative amount.

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