Subtract negative numbers

Hello everyone. I have a problem. I am carrying out my first inventory application, in the same rest of my deposit the units that I deliver but when it reaches zero instead of throwing an “error” it continues to subtract, turning the column into a negative number. How can I avoid that?

If you just want to ignore negative numbers, you can add an if-then-else column:

  • if math column is less than 0, then 0
  • else math column

Then use the if-then-else column in place of the math column.

If the issue is that negative numbers should not be possible, then there is likely an error in your logic somewhere. We would need more information to help debug that.

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Why do you expect an error? The negative number is not an error… like @Darren_Murphy said… create an if-else column to fix the presentation… or go to the source and prevent it from going below zero by setting conditions in the number entry and submit button.

Or maybe use something like MAX(0,original formula).

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