Help me understand charting percentages and negative values

My chart when it has negative values is left unidentified, it doesn’t select.
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What do you mean by unidentified? It looks fine to me.

when it has negative values it makes a single Chart.

here with positive values…see the difference
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Well, you can’t eat a negative amount of pie or doughnuts. :wink: . I think a bar chart might be better for your case. A pie or doughnut chart determines how much out of 100 percent each piece takes out of the total value. Your total value is 298.902 and you have one piece of the pie that’s 633. That’s over 100% of the pie. You can’t eat more or than there is to eat. :wink:

note that it has a “positive” value where it should be “negative”. It is not showing reliable values.
case: I am showing the total cost of an XYZ project, it can be negative or positive … but here people will not be able to visually identify which one has “problem”
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Which one is showing positive when it should be negative? I’m not seeing the problem.

the second is up, but it should be down, as it is a negative value

It looks down, it’s just imperceptible in comparison to the much larger values.

But, see the value of “S345” is 11k and has not gone up

here in the PIE

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So you are using a period (.) for your thousands separator. I use a comma (,) and a decimal point (.) to me is any value that is a fraction of 1. I and assume Glide is interpreting your value as 11 instead of 11k.

I tried both ways and it didn’t work …
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IMHO it would be a lot easier to read if you changed the look (even temporarily) to a white instead of a black background. I agree with @Jeff_Hager that it doesn’t make sense to expect a pie chart to work with negative numbers. Why don’t you create one in native Sheets and show us what a pie chart looks like there with negative numbers. I have no idea myself but I would be curious to see.

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Glide considers 633 to be much larger than 11.85 for example. Can you remove all formatting from your numbers in your sheet?

One thing that’s confusing is that the labels on the y-axis are slightly off the lines that mark those values. 0 for example is above the x-axis.

else, the calculation is “50%” the chart displays “0.5”

else, the calculation is “50%” the chart displays “0.5”
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When you use percentages in Sheets/Excel, the actual values are decimals like 0.5 for 50%.

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[Improvement] It would be interesting when selecting on an item and it takes me to the summary of the information (drawdrill)

You could multiply the percentages by 100 to get a number out of 100.

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