Inventory - Restocking (right formula)

Hi Glide community,

I need some advise and guide on the restocking of certain inventory. Im running into wrong computation or flow.

Available stock - Use stock = New stock value
New stock value + Restock

Now when I use the same formula the computation is wrong. as it will still make use the Use stock in the new calculation. I was thinking I need to let the new restock value to be the new Available stock for the next calculation.

Any guidance is appreciated.

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I’m not sure I fully understand your question. Do you mean the final result you get is wrong? Do you mean the “live” stock for the goods is wrong?

The “live” stock value should equal:

Stock you input at the start - Used stock + Restock.

I assume you’re storing used stock and restock in either columns in the same table, or more ideally, rollups from other tables (to store transactions for Using stocks and Restocking stocks).

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Hello, I don’t know if it works for you. There goes my grain of sand.
I use a column with an increment action.
I always use the same stock column. if I add the sum, if I remove the rest and I always have the updated stock. I don’t know if it’s your case.


You should have a stock log table that acts as a balance sheet connected by a parent id and the children should have the stock added as -ve or positive


And so on and then you can rollup by the these values it will get you a total stock on hands

If you arendoing production then there is something called available stock thatbeill require another table so you can balance on hand vs available allocation


thanks guys, abit occupied at the moment will give it a try all your suggestion.
I feel Im missing something basic.

the column initial stock, use stock and restock are all in same table.

appreciate much! :wink:

Wrong to have it in the same column the calculation might mess up

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I figured it out with you all guys help, i just did same logic on how I roll up all the outstack , applies to instock and use the basic math calculation.

what works for my case, I roll up (sum) the outstock, rollup (restock) and do the math result.


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You can find an Inventory template at your dashboard. It is great. You can see how it is built and re implement

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