Introducing the new Table, Data Grid components ✨

I liked the borders and the inner spacing and outer margins of the old version :frowning:

Viewing on mobile devices was impaired. They could at least consider fixing the first column and keeping the other columns slideable (as is done in the data grid)

These two components are really great improvements. Some minor quibbles I would love to see fixed.

  1. Column sorting is great but you should be able to select whether it is available for each column and also be able to specify what the column sorts by. Sometimes the data for the displayed value does not sort correctly. Once the user breaks the correct sort by clicking the toggle all they can do is toggle between ascending and descending versions of an incorrect sort. If you could turn off sorting for columns where the data won’t sort correctly that would help. Even better, be able designate a different column as the sort value.

  2. In the data grid if the type is set to tag, even though there is a drop down arrow, clicking the arrow does nothing. You have to double click the item. Seems like one click in the arrow or item should display drop down.