Internal messaging system for a dating/social app

Hello, I created a few social networks and dating sites in my life and I thought it would be interesting to see if I can do it with Glide.

I’d like to have an internal communication system. The privacy of the users’ emails and phone numbers is important, so I can’t just let them email/text/phone each other. I would love some ideas of how to do this. I thought about adding a message box on the profile page but then how does one submit it? Then I’d like to have an “inbox” page with messages of only the user viewing.

I could be pushing Glide to do something it was not intending to do, but I got a feeling something can be sorted.

I typically use a private commenting system:

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Wow, this is great! Thanks @Robert_Petitto. Is this a free or paid app? Where can I buy/download it?

You can purchase it here.


It’s a paid template. I plan on reducing the price of it…right now it’s $49.99 but I’m going to lower it to $20. If you purchase it now, I’ll reimburse or you.