Interesting "green" functionality

For an NGO I am developing the app where bee-keepers should be alerted about pesticide treatments in the neighborhood. The farmer should enter his treatement plan for defined plantation with GPS localion and the bee keepers should automatically be alerted if the distance to their behaves’ location is less than e.g. 2 km. Distance calculation is clear to me, but how can I find exactly ALL beehive locations with smaller distance in the beehive location table aimed to alert all beekeepers via email? Or viceversa: how can the bee keeper find whether someone close to his beehives plans to treat the plantation closer than 2 km?

So at which point should the bee keepers be alerted? When the farmer enters his treatment plan and a GPS location is added, or when the beekeeper moves to a location that is within 2km of any locations?

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Good questions!

Plantation is a kind of master data for a farmer, containing GPS location. After the farmer enters his treatment plan for this plantation, the mails or text messages are to be sent to all beekeepers who have beehives within defined range.
In addition, when beekeeper moves beehives to new location and enters GPS coordinates, he should be alerted if treatment is planned in the neighborhood.