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Hi all,
My name is Jaco from France, this is my first post and I apologize in advance for newbies questions and my english also :wink:
I’m working on a project for a week now which includes display of adresses on a map with many filters.
Everything works fine, i’m now familiar with GPS coordinates, and could show the adress which are in a chosen perimeter around a specific GPS point but i’m actually not able to display this specific point (could come from location function, or search box) with a different shape or color to clearly identify where is located this item.
Not sure that my question is clear … feel free to ask for more informations.
Thank you !

It is what it is, natively you can’t color the map pins (if I understand you right).

With CSS, it is possible, but your case might require dynamic pins to be colored and I don’t see a way to satisfy that.

Thank you for your answer.
I saw this option via CSS, but it needs to upgrade on Pro or Business plan, right ?
For the moment I will stay on Starter one …
By the same way, is there a way to display on the map, locations from different tables ?
I have the main table with the list of places, I show them (or some of them depending the filters) on a map.
One of the filter is the distance from a specific address, I store this searched address in the users table and make all the calculation in the tables to match the filters but didn’t find a way to include this searched address in the places displayed on the map …

It’s only available on Business/Enterprise but even then it’s not dynamic, and I assume you might want to target dynamic items.

I’m not sure I follow. How does that distance relate to the list of locations you have?

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Sorry, I’ll try yo clarify :
This a view without filter

and when I look for an address, I use Google Complete Address, then Get CoordinateForAddress and after calculate distances from this point for all my places.
After that the display shows the valid places :

but I would like to also show a pin for the searched address … or eventually center the map on this point …

Maybe you can have a trick here:

  • Add a row to your Locations database, name it something like “Current location”.
  • Add an if-then-else column, if “name” is “Current location” then return the address that the user is searching through user profiles dropdown, else return the address that you already have for normal pins.

Smart idea, I will search around that to make it also compatible with the other criterias …
Thank you for you help :pray:

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Please let us know if you need more help.

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