Current location of the user as a separate point on map

Is there any way to show on the map the current location of the user as a (for example) blue dot, so that the user knows how far he is from the markers?
I have not found anything on the forum so far.

Thanks a lot

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I don’t believe we have the blue dot like we did in Classic Apps although I wish we did.

The only way I could figure out how to do it:

  • Add an extra row in your table and filter the screen so it’s attached to that row specifically.
  • Then add a user specific column to hold the user’s current location.
  • Fill that user specific columns using the location component. The location component seems to continuously update with the user’s current coordinates while it’s turned on.
  • Then have an IF column that returns either that user specific location or the other locations based on which columns are filled or not.
  • Change your map to use the IF column.

This will add the user’s current location as a pin. It’s hard to decipher which pin is which, but the one pin should continuously move with the user.


Thank you Jeff,
And do you know if you can somehow customize this pin then? Can you customize the pins at all somehow visually?

No, not at this time. Maybe with CSS if you have a Business or Enterprise plan, but not natively.

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I believe this is a must have feature for a map component.
Having to invent work arounds to get it forces me to use the Classic Apps instead.

I’m quite sure there is a tutorial somewhere in this community that explains how to create colored pins on the map (if you have access to custom css in your plan)

I did this a while ago following those instructions

That thread was mine, but it was on Classic Apps.