My gnarliest one:

My simplest one:


Wow quite the scenarios!
+1 on Integromat… however I’d rather have an API with Glide tables.
That way, anyone (Integroman, n8n, etc) could integrate Glide into their platforms.

For that wild one, I’m just curious (never having used Integromat before), but could some/most of that be done natively in Glide with IFTHENs? Not the notifications obviously, but the rest seems possible to me… or is it just simpler to do it all in Integromat?

I’m just thinking that there may be a slight delay when using Integromat (or similar), so doing as much as possible in Glide is the best approach, then use the others for what Glide can’t do.

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It’s a beautiful flow :blush:

If it’s cheaper than zapier, count me in!

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If I could have I would have :wink:

See instant vs scheduled:


As a visual guy it’s a lot more satisfying than writing SQL queries :slight_smile:


Ditto. The visual aspect makes it simpler to build out and most importantly simpler to debug. Integromat does for your back-end processes, what Glide does for your front-end app.

It’s a marriage made in heaven. But we need “father” @Mark to hold the ceremony and make it official :wink:


Voted :white_check_mark:

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I get that, but there would still be a delay between the Glide app itself syncing with the instantly-updated sheet.

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Webhooks are effectively instant

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