Integromat rebrands: now Make


horrific 2015-era gradient

Reminds me a bit of your old website :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

haha no that was a 'ter’rific 2015-era gradient

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Very underwhelming to say the least. So much hype in the build up and bam…“rebranding and a few pecks and tweaks” here and there…

This can’t the the 2.0 people were expecting…surely


Agree, I found it really disappointing (‘We’ve been working on this for a year’)

A little underwhelming I’d agree…but some positives to look forward to. Their public REST API might be interesting to create scenarios outside of the platform though…I can see the Construct URL column being used even more often than it already is! :nerd_face:

Plus for all of us who use webhooks, they did mention we wouldn’t have to change the URL’s because they’ll redirect to the new URI/URL endpoints. This is a time-saver for sure!


Make’s PR post on their website is well written

Also I can’t help but wonder how much their new domain name cost them :sweat_smile: I like imagining a 15 year old who registered it in 1996 and waited 25 years :muscle:


I disagree my guys! I’m not here to argue “is it the best design for 2022?” But it is a serious improvement!

The Integromat brand is honestly one of the reasons I’ve been hesitant to make the switch from Zapier. It just looks old and outdated. With this refresh, I’m excited to officially get started and I will feel more comfortable pitching this software to clients.

Same here, I’ve always been hesitant to adopt Make/Integromat fully. I’m going to give it another try.

I’ve been playing around with scenarios in the new Make platform, and it’s a little sluggish. Just me?

Once you’ve gotten yourself comfortable with it, I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts on how you think it stacks up against Zapier. I’ve never used Zapier, but I’m a big fan of Integromat and I use it a lot. I just love the fact that something that used to take me a couple of hours with Apps Script I can now get done with a handful of clicks. Such a time saver! I’ve seen you using Zapier in some of your videos, and to be honest my impression was that it seems a little underwhelming. But again, I’ve never used it, so maybe I’m missing out on something :slight_smile:


For sure! Most experts seem to use Integromat, so I think I just have bias to Zapier as it is the one I started with. I’ll definitely share my thoughts after I use Integromat/Made on a few more projects.

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We LOVE integromat over here! We’re even Integromat Partners at LowCode.

We’ll see about make. I don’t like the brand (too generic) but the UI looks pretty slick tbh, we’ve been using it now for a few months.


It’s the same product with a new face. As long as it does what it’s always done, I’ll love it…I don’t care what you call it.


LOL, first thing I thought of as well.

Does their new pricing affect you? I see people are fuming about that in the Integromat forum.

I’ve found Integromat to be a great – and much more cost-effective – alternative to Zapier. I’m a visual person so I love how scenarios are laid out and the ability to easily import/export workflows between accounts is awesome. If you haven’t given them a shot, it’s worth a look.

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Nope…it let me keep same pricing. It looks like their top tier plan is only a few bucks more per month than before…I assume though, you’re referring to the operations/month? Similar to Zapier and…

It looks like the pricing almost doubled for the “pro” version but ya you can keep your “legacy” pricing. I wonder if you switch your plan to 800,000 operations for $300/ month before migrating to Make if you can get in with the Legacy pricing. I wish I knew or atleast tried before migrating :pensive:

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I would say you don’t migrate now until you are forced to, I think at the start of 2023.

I’m using the $29/month standard package.

It gets to $34.12, but that’s for Core, not for teams!

A whopping price.