Integromat rebrands: now Make

I know that @Mark_Turrell is a heavy user. I wonder how this impacts his bottom line…

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Did anyone get the collision error message when trying out the updated service? It looks like they aren’t allowing users to trigger the same webhook for multiple scenarios.

+1 collision error


@ThinhDinh If you need 40k operations/month, ya…it’ll cost you $100/month:

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LOL… you guys know that google scripts are free, and doing a much better job? :wink:

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That just tells me the low code interface is quite valuable. Most people who are proficient in code don’t care for apps like Zapier and Integromat. Only 0.5% of the world’s population knows how to code.


I was teasing these guys, they are experts in coding :slight_smile:
0.5% of the world’s population ??? don’t you think that is a bit too high a number? lol


:slight_smile: Ha, you have a point. That percentage could include people who just write HTML.

i would doubt that too… I have a hundred’s friends… none of them know anything about any coding :wink:

I have tried the same scenario → doesn’t work in Make (not found) but works in integromat … so better be careful. (Soap12 and Soap are the same…)

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It’s a shame that they went for a remake of what worked fine before. It’s of course going to work well as it used to be but sometimes when things are successful you better avoid updating it for the worse…