Integration to create an Apple Wallet or Google Wallet Card?

Has anyone tried creating Apple Wallet cards from a Glide app?

The use case I am looking for is a way of putting a ‘covid negative’ test result on to your phone as an option. I have the data all nicely collected in a clever Glide / GS app, and all kinds of cunning tricks to make a PDF afterward. But I was thinking about a special option… the ability to save a certificate to your phone, including a QR code that would resolve to somewhere in my system to prove that you are who you say you are.

And if you have not done this… but would like to try to make it as a challenge, please let me know and I can help with your time! It is important for me to keep adding to the community, and one way is to keep getting nice goodies and treats added to what is possible in GlideWorld. Thanks! M

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Hey !

That’s interesting. Based on my previous experience, creating an apple wallet pass isn’t something « easy », I mean you’ll hardly be able to do something without using a third party platform.

In your particular case, I suggest you to use Zapier with following softwares, you can then email the pass to your users email, or add a link I’m your google sheet, then retrieve it in the app and finally the user will be able to download it to his/her iPhone.

I’ll keep an eye on this topics, that’s something I’m interested about

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This app of yours will be performing full body transplants by the time you’re done with it!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


That’s funny :joy::joy:. That really cracked me up…

On a serious note though, it’s inspiring to see someone in no code community focussing on a single project. We can sometimes get carried away with what is possible with glide and @Mark_Turrell seems to have the laser focus needed to succeed. I am already a fan of his App and cannot wait to see the final product and at this rate, there won’t be a “final” product because he is so iterative. I hope though you don’t delay putting your version 1 out while working on other features for your App.


I have to deliver a big part of the app (User and Agent apps) this week with a live test (people taking a corona test remotely).

I’m quite fortunate that I got my client to pay mort of the money up front, so I can hire great people quickly and pay them too.

And necessity is the mother of invention! I have a need… then we see how to make it work :wink:

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We will find out if it works (with a third party tool + integromat) today or tomorrow :slight_smile: