Insert image into image collection


I’m new into this community and I’m asking how I can manage pictures with a relation.

I have a table with all the pictures and a table with all the object. The link between both is made with a Object ID into the pictures table and a relation.

I don’t find how I can list and allow the user to add/edit pictures in the app with this link.

  • If I do an inline list I don’t have an option to add a new picture.
  • If I do a relation list I can’t find how to assign this picture to the current object because I can’t retreive this information.

The only solution for the moment is to create manually a list with pic1, pic2, pic3 column in the object table but it’s not great because I don’t want to fix a maximum number of possible pictures.

Thank you for your help.

Best regards.

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To retrieve data from a relation you can use the Lookup column

… And welcome in this community :+1:

You should be able to use a form button to add images. The form will have access to the objectID. Place the form button on the object details screen.