Insert Formulas with the Insert row action

Hello everyone,
For better performances, I which to be able to insert formulas while using the insert row action.
I had this formula at first :
Which I changed into
so it works whatever line it is used, but when I put that in the “custom content” of the insert row, it inserts it with a ' just before so it’s rendered as text and not evaluated.

Any idea? I want to avoid relying on Google Scripts since it’s too slow to run for my users to see an instant change on the app.

From what you wrote I believe arrayformula will solve your problem. Put this in your first row (header row).

={"Formatted date";ARRAYFORMULA(IF(B2:B<>"",TEXT(B2:B,"YYYY-MM-DD"),""))}

Regarding the insert row action, it’s working the right way because it’s suppose to insert text/number, not a formula.

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If you want an instant change in your app, then I’d advise investigating replacing the GSheet formula with Glide computed columns.

When you are relying on GSheet formulas, this is what happens:

  • A user makes a change in your app
  • That change then needs to sync with the Glide cloud servers
  • The change is then written to your GSheet
  • The GSheet formula calculates the result
  • The result syncs back to the Glide cloud servers
  • And finally, the result syncs back to the users device

That whole sequence can take anywhere between several seconds and several minutes.

In comparison, when you use Glide computed columns, the sequence is as follows:

  • User makes a change in the app
  • Result is calculated on the users device, and is available immediately.
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Well, I’m quite aware of the benefits of Glide columns :stuck_out_tongue: but :

  1. There’s no easy way to migrate from Gsheet to Glide columns
  2. I need people to access those data outside of Glide; that’s the main benefit of Glide. Otherwise, it’s just Delphi but prettier
  3. Glide computed columns are very poor in terms of what you can do with it, which doesn’t cover my needs (and trust me, I would be more than happy to move a lot of my formulas into glide columns :grin:)
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OMG That’s just perfect. How did I missed that. Gonna solve so many of my troubles. Thank you a million!

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