Gsheet Formula Glide Magic...with a leaky cauldron...🤓

:wave: Hey Gliders!

So…I thought about a way to input formulas into Google Sheets directly from the submission of a form (I know there are other ways to do this…let’s just say I was bored. :nerd_face:)

So anyways - first I created a Text column in the Data Editor, inputted “=NOW()” formula, hit Done and then created a Template column in the Data Editor (let’s call it “Formula Template” for example) and matched the Text column to the Template column…

Then I created a form and created two entries: a checkbox asking the user to confirm their submission, and a Column Template (“Formula Template”) that auto-magically inputs the “Formula Template” into the appropriate column in my Google Sheet…

Yes…it worked…sent the Formula [ =NOW() ] into the Google Sheet :white_check_mark:…HOWEVER…it doesn’t render/activate the formula…instead it sends this: '=NOW() …and the ’ is recognized as an Automatic Text entry… :woozy_face:

…anyone out there know how to make it so “=NOW()” gets input, minus the ’ ?

Thanks for any and all suggestions or help! Thought this could be a neat workaround for some use cases out there! Cheers!

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I think any template columns or lookups, etc will show up in the sheet as text (so they get the ’ added in front).

Is there a reason you don’t want to use Arrayformulas for this if you need the formulas to show up in the sheet? Just set up an Arrayformula that will add the formula to a column whenever a new row is added.

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Thanks for the reply! Yeah, that’s what I currently do; was just wondering if there was actually any use(s) to this. Maybe on a per-cell-input basis?

I kind of use the same method to populate cells when arrayformula doesn’t work (custom functions etc.), but with Scripts. Glide would always write the =NOW() as text.

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I do this with scripts. I save all my formulas that cannot be arrayformulas on a separate tab and when specific columns are edited my script takes the correct formula and adds it to the row.


I need to learn how to write (better) scripts.