Insert Dates / Months by ADMIN

Hello friends! I’m making a scheduling application. I have been facing a problem: in the spreadsheet I choose the scheduling days until the end of October but in ADMIN the dates are editable only for one month. I can’t add more days. What would be the solution to be able to add days / month through ADMIN that can migrate to the spreadsheet? Thank you!!!

Hi, a quick (basic) idea: in your inline list, did you limit it by ticking “Only show a few items”? If yes, at the top of the inline list, you may have a “see all” mention


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No. It’s like your image. It is limited to one month.

The limitation I refer to is showing within ADMIN only the period of one month. And I would like to show two, three or more months so that the client can schedule their time.

So you need a list of choices that would expand to coming months for users, but only show dates until the end of the month for the admin?

Hi @ThinhDinh!
For users and ADMIN, because otherwise, the times would be added only by the spreadsheet that the application owner would not have access to.
I need the administrator to be able to enter dates.

I’m not sure I fully understand your full flow here, but wouldn’t a form button record new rows to the sheet?

@ThinhDinh could you tell me how I do it?

If you want an admin/user to be able to add new rows to the sheet then you can add a “form button” component and let them write to that specific sheet in your spreadsheet.