Rango de fechas

hello everyone.
I am making a time control app for my employees, I have my “registration” screen where I enter the employees in a “multiple selection” the status in a “single selection” I need a date range to appear when the status is “vacation” so that I fill the rows automatically with that state.
Since I currently enter date by date and I would like to avoid filling out employees who are on vacation every day

I’m not sure I understand this part fully. Can you give us an example of how your data structure looks like?

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Sorry, I’m bad at explaining.

Right now I have a screen in my app where I put a date, the employees and the status of these employees.

I need that when the status is “holidays” instead of adding day by day, I want it to fill in all those days automatically.

I imagine that I have to add the range between two dates to my spreadsheet for that to happen, but I don’t know how to do it.

So instead of having 3 rows for holidays of a person, let’s say from 18 Mar 2023 to 20 Mar 2023, you want it to be just 1 row, and specify the start date and end date?