Input Formats

I am moving my company CRM from another service. One of the super nice things that I’m really missing in the move is how number fields are both input and formatted. I’m attaching a screenshot to show what I’m referring to, but would LOVE to see a future enhancement that did this for us!

Any number field opens a number pad opens for user input. After leaving the field, the number shows up based on the type of field. As you can see a phone field is (xxx) xxx-xxxx. Dollar fields format accordingly and so on.

Obviously this is a nice to have, but makes the user input experience so easy!

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We will add support for formatting.

We previously used the number keyboard for number inputs but we removed it because it prevents you from entering negative numbers :man_shrugging:

The negative number wouldn’t be an issue in the phone entry field, which is where it was really valuable to my business because we enter a LOT of phone numbers as we are inputting customers. Seems like it could be used there and not in other number fields. Just a thought. Glad to hear formatting will be supported. Makes the user experience very visually friendly.

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Yes, we could likely do it for the phone entry, although some people enter phone numbers containing hyphen/minus.

I’d think you would want to force the formatting of phone numbers to comply with “one click calling” ie. tel:+19809780980 or whatever works for that great feature.