Phone number validation

I have a form with a phone number text input field. It seems to allow users to type anything in, i.e. they can submit if they type “a” into the phone number field in the add form. Is it possible to require a valid 10 digit number and show the number pad instead of alphabetical keyboard?


The text fields are really useless for the time being and can’t even validate emails

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@jake_z you could do the validation in google sheets and reject the submission.

Explain more

Hi @Yasin_Hassanien,

IT isn’t really an elegant solution but it is workable dependant on your requirements and if instantaneous feedback is something you can do without.

I will go find my previous post on this…

You can do the validation yourself if needed. I have addressed this question a few times and there is a way to workaround this issue.

The gist of it is, have the user enter all the information that requires validation into user fields (not in a form) and validate it. Once all values have been validated, a form button appears. Once the form is opened all the values previously entered are shown (no longer editable) for confirmation and then the user submits the form.

In this way you can validate the input prior to accepting the form entry. It’s not ideal but it is really only one extra click from the user… Not too much of a price to pay.

From a users perspective it also feels ok I think as it’s the confirmation page you have in many websites that make you click accept and if you don’t like what you chose, have to back out and change it.

The validation is done on sheets rather than glide as you can do any sort of validation in sheets. The tradeoff is speed. Since it’s going into and from sheets the validation will take 3-5s round trip possibly.

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Consider this other workaround: Data entry mask on phone or email component? - #3 by kiptoo