Input and save to different table

Hi everyone, i have master table employee and leave_trans table, i would like to create entry for employee who want to take the annual leave.

the employee name taken form employee master, the transaction would be saved to leave_trans table (name and date column).

thanks for helping.

A form that writes into the leave_trans table should be enough. When you configure the choice component, you will still be able to choose employee master table as the source of it

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Is there a reason you don’t configure it as a native form? It does look like you’re using a custom form there.

yes that is custom form, hopefully any suggestion in my case.


is’t possible to create custom button action unbound to employee table? the action button would execute to save data (name and date leave into trans_leave table).

Is it just an employee submitting for themselves or they can submit for others?

If it’s the first case, then you can just have a form container on the screen, insert a “Date Picker” component for “Date Leave”, and automatically collect the “Emp ID” as an “additional column” on the right-hand side.

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Thanks, I’ve now solved this issue

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