Inline x 2 levels help

Hi, I’m hoping the community can provide me with simple inline list examples (sorry, I need a dummy version because I can’t follow Glide’s support on this).

I’m looking for simple 2 level inline example to follow e.g. top and then a second level list for sizes (and if someone can point to Glide examples, that’s easier to follow!) Multiple choice options are not suitable as sizes available vary.

Any help, much appreciated.

Can you provide us information about the data structure you currently have, and what exactly you want to show in your inline lists?

hi ThinhDinh,

Thanks for quick reply. The current structure I have is:

  • T-Shirt A

    • Size A $30
    • Size B $35 (with sequins)
  • T-Shirt B

    • 38 $30
    • 40 $30

Ideally, I’d like the buyer to submit 2 x forms for each purchase (no stripe payment). So they get an invoice

e.g. 1 x T-Shirt A Size B $35
1 x T-Shirt B Size 40 $30
Total = $65

(Not sure if there’s an update on how to do sumifs to get the total for that buyer, without the cart option).

Any tips much appreciated.