How to configure the SHOP?

Hello - I’ve watched the video made by Glide but it does not explain how to map all your goods (sku) for sale.

Basically I sell two t-shirts, each coming in 5 sizes, meaning 10 SKU
But when building the shop, only the first ROW (1 sku only) shows up… How to build it?

Thank you, Raph

You may have accidentally selected Detail view.
Please check you are using one of the list views.

It should look something like this:

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Thank you @sardamit

Almost there.

As I sell only 2 products (white tshit and pink tshirt), I’d like to first display only to pictures, one for the white tshirt and one for the pink tshit
And then when clicking on any of the two, it leads to a screen where I can select one of the 5 sizes each tshirt comes in

At the moment I’ve made GROUP by “Color” but it quite does not come as I’d like it to.
Thank you!

Create a separate tab for colors: White and Pink.

Create a relation between this tab and all the SKUs using the color column.

Then under each color, create an inline list to show SKUs for that color.

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I used DETAILS then INLINE LIST and it works wonders.