Clothing store with multiple colors and sizes

Hello. I am making a clothing store with multiple colors and sizes. For the dropdowns of sizes and colors, I have made a split text column and made a relationship with dropdowns for available sizes and colors. I then made a User specific columns so users can select their sizes and color, and then I made a Template column (ITEM, COLOR, SIZE) to fit all the information in one column.

I have connected stripe to my Glide app. Now when I am setting up the store, I am not able to add the TEMPLATE COLUMN in Item name or SKU column in the stripe system. Can anyone please help how do I set up that?

@Darren_Murphy @SantiagoPerez Can you guys please help?

Hola @Hassan_Nadeem

You need to send the info from the Template to the Gsheets. The buy button only gets data from the Gsheets.

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Can you please suggest me how can I do that? @SantiagoPerez

and how can I send “User Specific” information to google sheets?

You can use an add row action to send the info to the Gsheets.