Inline editing glitch on iPhone

In-Line Editing Bug on iPhone - Kanban

  • I have the option to edit the in-line text in the Kanban turned off for everyone.
  • The app on computer works fine, but not my iPhone.
    If I click on a card in the Kanban from my iPhone, the title is automatically replaced with a capital V and, occasionally, other letters, ex. Vt. I can’t figure out why.

Expected behavior:

  • The titles & info in the Kanban should not be editable without clicking on the item which provides the link to edit the value set with a button.

How to replicate:

  • Open app from iPhone.
  • Go to the [Orders] tab.
  • Double-click on an order in the Kanban. The title (item) will be replaced with a V and may include additional letters as well.

What kind of actions do you have enabled on the on kanban component?

What does your ‘Update - Quick Mark’ custom action do?

Also, what do you have for these settings on the kanban component?


The action is just to ‘Show New Screen’. I had planned to add more, but kept it simple.

GROUP BY: Status

The glitch only happens on the phone. I happen to have an iPhone. Not sure if it’s a mobile thing or something about the iPhone.

So is ‘Item’ your ‘Title’? If so, that would most likely be the problem. The purpose of the Save Order is to be able to save a special code whenever you drag and drop an item on the kanban bored. The purpose is so the cards are saved and displayed in the order that the user dragged them.

You mentioned “double click”, but there isn’t a concept of double clicking in Glide. Either the iPhone is recognizing the two taps as a drag, or maybe you moved your finger a little bit while tapping. Something that you may not be experiencing when using a mouse on a desktop. I bet you would be able to replicate the issue on a desktop if you clicked and dragged one of the cards in you kanban board.

Either way, you need to change that ‘Save Order’ to it’s own column. You need a basic text column, and if each user can customize the order for themselves then it needs to be a user specific column.


Any thoughts?

Umm, I gave you my thoughts in my previous reply. Did you see it?

I didn’t. I’m so sorry. Thank you so much for the feedback. I’ll try your suggestions.