Initiating or reset a number entry

I have a total_amount field and another field with the number of quotas.
I created a math column that divides total_amount by quantity to get the value of one quota.

User can enter the number of quotas, I calculate it amount to pay and add a row in the quotas information tab.

Then I have another math column that gives to me the balance or the number of quotas available.

My point is that, suppose that the user entered the number 3, then I calculated and go!
The next time, if the user opens some record, the number entry field is showing the last number.

I´d like to open with 0 or empty. Is it possible?
I appreciate it in advance.

The usual way to do this is with User Specific Columns, and clear them as part of a multi-step action when the user submits.

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Thx Darren for your reply.
I know that and I already used, but take a look what´s happen, and maybe I’m doing sth wrong.
I have this screen

In a main tab, this doc has the total amount and I want to split it.
User looks the number of quotas available, in this case we have 5 available of 10.

User selects 2 quotas, than I calculate than he confirms in a form button.
When he confirms I create in another tab call QuotasGenerated

QtyQuotas 2, ParentID_Doc pbfhjMQKTDa6otLgDvbFEA, TimeStamp and let´s say Email of User

On the next screen, I’m not on Main Tab anymore, now I’m QuotasGenerated tab.
Here I need to reset the NumberOfQuotas on the screen below, but the action “set columns” now is showing the fields of QuotasGenerated tab. Got it?

So, how can I generate this splited info quotas and put zero in another field of previous screen.
Is there a way to initiate as a zero?

Thx, pls again pls look over my mistakes.

Is that value being stored in a User Specific Column?
If yes, then you should be able to clear it when the user taps the button on the previous screen.


NumCotas (# of quotas in Portuguese)
The point is I’m using this information to create a new row in a Quotas info tab


If I clear it, the field comes to screen before submit empty.

did you find a solution to this? i have an app where I need to use this similar feature. My submit button is adding a row to a certain sheet but my user specific column is on a different sheet and I need it to be cleared once the entry is submitted. I can’t figure out how to do this via the multiple action button.