Information Shown on "Send Email"

Hi guys,

I’ve trawled the community for an answer on this - hopefully I haven’t missed it.

Glide user of 3 weeks - so still have heaps to learn…

Am learning how to use the ‘Send Email’ Action. Working great. The only problem is that the message sent to the recipient shows the App Name (which is fine) but then below that it says “by: Russell’s Team” - which is my ‘Team’ name on my paid NFP plan. My users may be confused as to who the heck ‘Russell’ is…

On looking a bit further - I can see I can create multiple teams. So one way to fix the problem is to create a team with a Team Name that kinda matches the app.

I plan on developing dozens of apps over the coming months - and putting each project in its own team doesn’t sound particularly efficent.

Also - is there a limit as to how many ‘teams’ I can create?

Is there a way I can edit what’s on the email header?

Thanks in advance team - have a great New Year


…actually just noticed that creating a New Team requires a new plan! So that’s not going to fly. So I guess I’m back to my orginal question… can I edit what appears on a email header when being used with a ‘Send Email’ action…? Russ

Not that I am aware of. For more control over this, you’re better off triggering a webhook to something like Make or Zapier, and have it send the email. Then you can set it up with your own sender email.

Glide have some integrations coming later this year that will probably make this sort of thing much easier.


Thanks Darren - Much appreciated.

You can also try renaming your existing team. The Send Email action may not update that header content right away (likely cached for some time), but I’d expect it to eventually show the new team name.

As @Darren_Murphy said, there are plugins coming soon that will let you send email from your own Gmail account and have more control over the body of the emails. This would remove the need for using another service like Zapier to make this happen.

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I solved this pretty neat (according to me…) after much trial and error.

I am sendning email to the customer after they filled out a form.

I have whitelisting on my app, so that might be that I do not see my team, but the trick to get the text I want to send in the email was to add a template column in my table and named it “Email body”

Then I wrote in thte template all the text I want to send:

Hello FIRSTNAME, and thank you for your order.

You are booked at DATE

and so on.

THen I replaced the FIRSTNAME and DATE with the data from the form.

The email looks perfect and is delivered instantly from but the App name is the sender name and the logo of the app is also inside, so it looks great, and works very fast.

If you are new to Glide you might have to read about adding columns and especially on the template column.


Yes, template columns are extremely useful.

Here’s a little tip for you. I find it a good practice to use curly braces to define all my template replacements. This minimises the possibility that I might end up with replacements where they shouldn’t be.

So most of my template columns like something like this:

You don’t have to do the same, but it’s a good idea to adopt your own standard way to do it, whatever that might be.


Is it possible to show a screenshot of the actual email that is received by the user? I’m curious as to whether whitelisting does actually remove the team name from the email header. Thanks!

Here it is

Ah okay, so it still looks like it show the name of the application and description. I just tried on my project (not whitelisted) and I get the same thing without a team name showing. Maybe something has been updated to remove the team name…? Not sure!

Hi folks - thanks for all of the really useful suggestions and tips. In the end I simply renamed my team to “System Admin” - and now the emails have “by System Admin” on them which is perfectly fine.

Sounds like Glide developers are working overtime to improve the efficacy of the platfrom - pleased I found this app - such a great app to work with. Russ


Wow - this opens up a whole new world. Thank you so much for your response.

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Has anyone done this with inserted images? I am trying to do this by inserting a barcode generated from the RowID to the template that constructs the body of the email, but I just get an icon of an image file… and no image visible.

The solution I found was in SETTINGS > NAME & ICON.
I changed the information in the DESCRIPTION field. Now this information appears in place of ‘By Name Team’ in email.