Increment only if after set time?


I am wondering if I can switch off the increment action on any tiles that have already had an increment action occur within 15 seconds prior. After the 15 seconds, the increment action would switch back on.

It needs to be per tile, so if I have 25 tiles, the increment is only switched off for those that fit the criteria above, while others keep the increment action switched on.

Not sure if possible?


You should be able to do that with a custom action and the now time.

When someone increments, set a column, let’s say incrementtime to now.

Set a visibility to be active on now +15 seconds.

Hopefully that makes a small amount of sense.

Hey Mishta_P

I’ve set up an action, is this kind of what you meant?


It’s currently writing to the wrong column but am making progress… How does one set a visibility to be active?

Managed to get it to update a column with the time for every increment added. Have then played around with the visibility settings but can’t see how to set it to now +15? There is only ‘now’.

You should be able to have a math column with the formula T + 15/86400. The T part points to the column where you write the timestamp.

So for every increment, update the timestamp, disable the increment as long as the math column time is after now.


Just extending on what @ThinhDinh said, rather than using visibility settings, I would disable the increment as part of the custom action logic. So your custom action configuration might look something like this:

  • IncrementAllowedAt is the math column that Thinh referred to - which is the last lap time + 15 seconds
  • If that time is “after now” (ie. in the future), then just show a notification
  • Otherwise, increment the lap counter and reset the lap timestamp

I’ve tested this, and it works quite well.


Have set it up and it works perfectly. Was worried there might be lag but it’s instant. I could have tinkered for decades and not figured this out, didn’t know the maths column existed.

A huge thank you.