How can you disable a button for 24 hours after click?

How can we disable a button for 24 hours after it is clicked?

On your row item you need to add a row like “the last run of the button”, and when you click on the button, in action you do a set-up column, where you put the actual date & time.

After that you add a row with math, where you add 24hours at the last run, so you will have the last run + 24 hours.

And in your button you put a condition visibility, show only if “last run +24” is before now.

Thank you! But how do you disable it like it just shows a notification that you only can press it after 24 hours and make it specified to that user so that other people can still press that button, and it will have the same effect?

Do the same thing as Carter suggested, with the following adjustments:

  • Add the columns to your User Profile table. This will make the timer specific for each user.
  • Instead of a visibility condition on the button, use a custom action with two conditional branches:
    – if button can be pressed, do button action
    – else show notification

Edit: Thank’s Darren, I forget now we can do customs actions with conditions !

But after 24 hours they can press the button again so how does it change for each user?

Isn’t that what you want?

Then are we able to make a in-action condition with both “or” factors and “and” factor in it?

No, you can’t do that. But there are other ways to get a similar effect.
What exactly are you trying to do now?
Is this related to your earlier question, or a different problem?

It is a different problem. But what are the ways u can do to get the similar effect?

Okay, can you provide some more context about what you are trying to do please?

Is this in an if-then-else column, a filter, a visibility condition…?

Can you describe the conditions that you want to match?

It is an in-action condition.

Okay, well as I mentioned you can’t mix and/or conditions.
But you can usually get what you need by applying a little creativity.
However, I can’t tell you exactly how for your case, because you haven’t shared any details.
If you can tell me exactly what you are trying to do, then I expect that I can give you a solution.

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Perhaps this might be easier if I give you an example, and then maybe you can apply that to your situation.

Lets pretend that you want to perform an action if:

  • A is true, and
  • (B is true OR C is true)

You can’t configure that in the action editor, so you need to apply a bit of data editor logic. So the way to do it would be to first create an if-then-else column:

  • If A is not true, then false
  • If B is true, then true
  • If C is true, then true

And then in the action editor, your condition becomes “if-then-else column is checked”

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