Increment Action?!

Neat, as usually @Robert_Petitto :clap:


Awesome @Manan_Mehta !!! :clap:


Well, then that makes sense. It just seems so odd that I noticed it after the Increment action was released. I’ve always told my users to wait for a pin when singing in before the ‘Sign up with Google’ feature came out. I never saw the little up/down arrows before that. Thanks for the clarification.

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Nevermind, @Jeff_Hager clarified it for me.

Comment as-tu fais ton diapo? toutes tes images sont sur la même ligne ? je suppose que oui, mais comment fais tu pour les publier ? Merci de ta réponse

Not sure if I understood properly. Maybe this thread could help you.

(Je ne sais pas si j’ai bien compris. Peut-être que ce fil pourrait vous aider.)

Just a suggestion.

I’d make another math column to do (points - increment).
Have a visibility condition that shows only if that column is greater than zero.

This will stop users from going into negative. Or some maximum/minimum value that you set.

This seems to have been fixed, Mark.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hey there,
Thanks for this increment feature its great.
However I’m experiencing an issue. I want to increment by 1 on the day date every time the user tap. Which works perfectly in the app builder. However, the incrementation doesn’t work on the app itself.
Am I missing something? Does the user needs to validate their input in any way?

@Louis_Laroche Could you please share your app, and tell me where the Increment action is?

Hey Mark,
Of course, the app is (link removed by poster)
The goal is to count my smoked cigarettes every day.
Thus the increment action is add 1 when tapping on a date.
You’ll see days in the past with a number, I used to use zapier to increment.

We’ll fix it. Thank you for reporting!

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It’ll be fixed sometime tomorrow. Thanks again. Also, great app! :slight_smile:


Hi @Mark

I think Increment Action does not work using an Action Text. Last night I tested it and nothing worked.

Check it out please.


@gvalero Could you share your app please, and tell me how to reproduce the problem?

Hola @Mark

Here a little video reproducing the problem with Action Text



This should be fixed now.


The rocket is ready and working now @Mark


Hi @Robert_Petitto ,
I have a problem with this.
I can’t make an increment with a formula data. Glide doesn’t show the possibility for a few days ago.
The formula doesn’t appear in the drop-down menu “Increment by”.
On older GLIDE, it shows a dash instead of the formula column math.
Do you have the same problem?
Thanks a lot,

@Mark @ThinhDinh
That exactly what i do but, a few days ago, this option doesn’t work.
On my apps, i have an hyphen and i can’t choose a data columns,