Increment Action?!

This feature wasn’t formally announced. Totally understandable, so no worries, @Mark.

@Manan_Mehta would you be willing to share a small demo app how you accomplish the next/previous action. Could be great for the community I expect. :blush:

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I was about to try it and if Manan doesn’t have time I would write it.

But I would prioritise the Query post, as I promised to you guys in the community meetup. :smile:


I did something similar in the memories tab here, but in a different way.

The only thing I’d recommend is to make sure you are accounting for deleted rows. I used a helper sheet that used unique to remove any deleted rows, then figured out the values for previous/next, then pulled them back into the original sheet with a vlookup. Mine is different too in that it changes the entire screen to a different detail row, instead of just the relation like yours. However, I do like how yours keeps everything in the same detail screen. Might have to see if I can merge some of your ideas into mine.


Glide, the tool that is a game in itself: find the new feature!


Created a post on the same: Paging using Increment

I guess I’m late to the party. :man_facepalming:t4: What an awesome feature.

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Sorry, I don’t unterstand what is the “Reset Value” Target ? Can you show the Target in the Sheet ?

Thank a lot

Just realized a bug. @Mark you might want to check it out. When on the sign in screen for a new user, and that user uses the pin option to sign in, the increment component is on it as well. Not sure if this was the desired result.

@Carlos_DeSilva I’m not sure I understand. Could you post a screenshot, please?

I take the negative of the total points accumulated so far for each user. That value becomes the increment value for the Reset button.

@Carlos_DeSilva Are you sure you don’t mean the up and down arrows that display in a desktop browser for numeric entry components? Those have always been there. Increment isn’t a component. It’s an action on a component.

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Neat, as usually @Robert_Petitto :clap:


Awesome @Manan_Mehta !!! :clap:


Well, then that makes sense. It just seems so odd that I noticed it after the Increment action was released. I’ve always told my users to wait for a pin when singing in before the ‘Sign up with Google’ feature came out. I never saw the little up/down arrows before that. Thanks for the clarification.

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Nevermind, @Jeff_Hager clarified it for me.

Comment as-tu fais ton diapo? toutes tes images sont sur la même ligne ? je suppose que oui, mais comment fais tu pour les publier ? Merci de ta réponse

Not sure if I understood properly. Maybe this thread could help you.

(Je ne sais pas si j’ai bien compris. Peut-être que ce fil pourrait vous aider.)

Just a suggestion.

I’d make another math column to do (points - increment).
Have a visibility condition that shows only if that column is greater than zero.

This will stop users from going into negative. Or some maximum/minimum value that you set.

This seems to have been fixed, Mark.

Thank you! :slight_smile: