Incorrect files are loading?

I am a little stuck / confused

I am dynamically creating thumbs from videos using Cloudinary, however they are showing up as blanks:

You will see in the ThumbCheck column they are listed there

This is the URLS in the ThumbCheck that are listed in Glide, that should be showing

However when I checked the browser they are loading the incorrect files?

Here is the links on what the debugger is showing,w_500,c_limit/,w_500,c_limit/

Here is a link to the Gallery Page, you will see the top 3 aren’t loading?
Can anyone advise or assist?

Can anyone assist?

Here is the basic flow:

  1. Photographer uploads a large video: Link
  2. Then the Surf Diary Platform (using Cloudinary) Watermarks the footage and makes a teaser video for the potential customer: Link
  3. Then the Surf Diary Platform (using Cloudinary) creates a thumbnail: Link

What I don’t understand is that the Thumb link works fine as is, however when we have it loaded with the others, it’s not working? Hence the Gallery page?

Seems to be loading for me. Maybe a cache issue???

Strange, it’s working now…? must have been a weird caching issue??


Ahh no it’s still doing it again? Can you see the blanks here

This is the link it’s trying to open

Cloudinary support came back to me.

The file on your side is an mp4 so the first action to upload the file to Cloudinary is to request the URL (note the extension) so we fetch the asset from your Google Storage before anything else. In your case, the first URL requested is (note the extension) so we will be looking for the wrong file due to the extension hence the error.

Actually, to overcome this, instead of using jpg at the end. Just use f_jpg in the middle:, it will ensure we are looking for the video and then convert it to a jpg.


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