Incomprehensible glide behavior

Colleagues, good afternoon! I don’t understand what kind of bullshit is inside the tabs of Glad, from one tab to another by Add Row I add a record by Button through a custom action. And what I observe is that in the table where the row is placed, it first appears for a second or two, then disappears, then reappears, and only then everything is OK. I have already cleaned the tables from formulas, and removed everything superfluous in the action, I thought maybe what prevents such a Refresh - nothing helps. Maybe someone has thoughts )

Make a video of the behavior to help us understand what you are seeing.

Please help, how do I attach a video?

You can record your screen using Loom. They give you free five minute video clips – though you should not need that much time… Vimeo also has free video screen recording.

I created a video, but I can’t attach it. Tell me how? Upload allows you to attach only an image

You should have a url for that video. Just post the url.


That video isn’t very helpful.
Can you describe what’s going on in the backend? You mentioned a custom action. What does that action do? Can you provide a screen shot? Are you using a Glide Table, or an external data source such as Google Sheets or Air Table?

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I use glide tab. I am transferring a row from the table with information about the service (service, date, time, price, amount, etc.) to a new table with a basket of orders. By user action, Add Row. Moreover, the screen displays the behavior of the table, because the added row disappears and appears in it and, accordingly, is reflected on the video screen.

It looks like a screen refresh issue more than anything. If this is in the builder only, I wouldn’t worry about it. If it happens on a device, I probably still would not worry too much about it.