🔥 In staging: Swipe Layout!

That’s amazing…works like a charm on a details screen. Thanks for sharing—this will be a huge time saver.

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@david I feature request is not only right or left but also the action when we simply click on it, like Tinder.

Swipe Left = recuse
Swipe Right = match
Click on = View Details


I added more components and realized we can just scroll down/swipe up to see the rest of informations that person/product/anything would have

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Seriously man, do you sleep?

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Except when the swipe layout is applied to an inline list on a details page.

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I do…but I dream of Glide :wink:


What on earth is the second one? Sounds wonderful? Can you explain?

How will the user know to swipe? It is important to have visual clues or the feature won’t be used. We have been trained to click on buttons but swiping can be taking a chance. I’ve made the mistake of thinking I was deleting a note but instead my phone dialed the contact, I am always hesitant to just swipe unless it is obvious what the result will be.

But having said that, this will be an awesome feature!


So when you are viewing a card in your list, can you not add a back button below it? I have been adding back buttons to almost every screen I have in my apps - I just use the button format that doesn’t look like a button (if that makes sense) - it looks like this at the bottom of each details screen. The rollout of adding an icon to the button has made it possible California_Design_District_·Glide·_Create_Apps_from_Google_Sheets

  • Upload Image directly through image component

I think this works already. You can choose it as action I think

Yes, for sure! I just thought it would be more fun to stick with the swiping action.

BTW…your back button w/ left arrow icon like that is pretty!


ikr, why are they holding this?

This is not an action and is not in production. Please take a look:

Uploding an Image through the image component:


Please reread the post that I linked. That is not what I mean.

God, I miss one day of community and so much has happened!! I’ve changed scrolling through social media to scrolling glide community!!


@PabloMFalero never miss a day, you should know better :wink:

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You totally can’t!! I also see a QR Code scanner!!


Swipe layout now has condition for swiping:

This requires user action on the current “card” before swiping to the next row (I assume using a user specific column of some type).

Use cases?


Unlogged flights = a to-do list that needs to be done IN ORDER!!!

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