Improved filters and its costs

Hi all, I’m new here but already being able to deploy an interesting app, which is amazing. But the thing that so far I can’t really wrap my head around is how difficult (and costly) it is to have improved on-screen filters offered to our users.

There are a lot of very good tutorials (shout out to @Robert_Petitto) on how to allow users to filter data using the Choice element, but they all seem like extremely cleaver workarounds for something that seems kind of basic.

And maybe I am getting this all wrong, but the worse part is that because of all the added columns and necessity to write on them to make a simple filter, this means we are editing columns, meaning we are basically paying for each time a user changes a filter, since plans have edit limits.

Is this really how it works and there is no other way around this? Or am I missing something?


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Since the change over to the new pricing structure and teams, this work-around does not help at all when you consider the cost attached to it. We are still waiting for an update on whether they will consider not counting the edits on the USC but so far there has been no update.
I had to put 1 of my projects on ice, which is a business listing App which uses the same mechanism for users to filter through the different categories of businesses to get to the 1 they are looking for. After a few tests, it was not feasible for me to continue under the current pricing structure so I had to put that on ice until there is more clarity on the USC edits…


that’s sadly true! :face_with_head_bandage:

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Thank you Luther. Didn’t know the price structure was different in the past, found it weird none of the videos mentioned this unwanted effect, now I know why.

Are there any feature request or any signaling from Glide that you are aware of regarding this?

Ow, and out of curiosity, what exactly do you mean by USC and USC edits? I think get it from the context, but was curious what it means.

Thank you.

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USC - user specific culme.

Will help you with specific information same like you use the native filter in the inline list view page.

The only way around it if any is on the FORM page or EDIT page.

Because nothing happens until you press that “submit culome”.

So I don’t know if this helps you or not.


Hopefully this becomes a thing:


Fantastic. Would be great to know if this is even in their roadmap. Absolutely necessary and just makes sense. Thanks Robert. Love your videos.

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Before Glide, i used to use Awesome Table. One nice thing about Awesome Table was that you could specify what kind of filter interface you wanted and it would just appear at the top of the screen above the layout you selected.

I wonder if Glide could implement something like this. Inline List / Collection filter styles (drop-down [current default], number range, chips, etc.)

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Yes, this would help with filters. But I implemented menus also using USC (which was a clever video you put together). We also mention Favorites, etc. There are so many uses for USC that having local USC has really become a necessity for implementing certain kinds of apps.