Improved Access Rights & App Ownership in Teams (incl disclaimer)

This is the disclaimer displayed to users in the Members panel in Teams. A critical missing piece is: Members can publish, share, copy, and duplicate the app.

For Teams (formerly Orgs) to begin functioning as collaboration space v.1, some basic requirements:

App owner rights

  • Only app owner (hopefully soon) can move apps between Teams, or out of Teams and back to My Apps.
  • Only owner can: edit app, publish, enable copying, share, duplicate, delete app, delete the team, add other members.

Member rights

  • Can: edit app, add new members.
  • Cannot: Move app out of the team.
  • Needs permission (below) to: publish, enable copying, share, duplicate and copy the app.
  • Cannot delete the app, other members, or the team.

Sharing / Publishing Permissions

who can publish app? (only app owner / team / assign members)
who can share app? (only app owner / team / assign members)
who can duplicate app? (only app owner / team / assign members)

Yes, we will build permissions available on a Business Plan at some point. We sorely need this too!


Great to hear @david. In the meantime I think the disclaimer can be more clarifying. It’s a bit unsettling when you pop into a Team and find your app gave birth to 2 more whose sheets you don’t control.