Improve Date Picker

Hi, can you please improve the date picker option within Glide Pages? Currently, you have to manually select a year, month and day. It is quite time consuming when inputting a date such as an effective date of coverage for a policy written 10 years ago. Ideally, you could just type in a date with dd/mm/yyyy format and it would automatically make the date picker select that date. Hopefully that is doable and can be launched quickly. Thank you!



Hey @MattW,

Thanks for your patience. I’d suggest using a text or number entry column to achieve this?

Except then you’d have no data validation…a user could type “bubblegum” and the app wouldn’t know better.


@MattW, you could add ‘dd/mm/yyyy’ as a placeholder to the text entry component. @Robert_Petitto is right: this is an issue.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll circulate with the team.

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Thanks @iamtomgray and @Robert_Petitto! Do you have any update with this topic?

No update as far as I’m aware.

@iamtomgray Have you had a chance to discuss this with the Glide team? Hopefully this can be a quick fix. Thank you

Hey @iamtomgray, do you have any update here? This use case would also help with things such as phone numbers, employer SICs, the year a business established, etc. We need a way to have custom data validation for fields like this in Glide. Please let me know!

cc @Robert_Petitto

Hi @iamtomgray it’s been two months. Do you have an update yet? Thank you

Tom stepped down from his position at Glide. Better to talk to @tristan i think.

make your own date picker, you might wait view moths or years :wink:

@david Can you please assist here? Thank you