CSS magic maybe - how to address the confusing UI of the date picker

I’ve done lots of user testing, and my German users fail 2 in 3 times to find the Year in the Date Picker component. I’ve watched them, zoomed with them, etc - and it’s weird that the year is almost invisible. (I missed it the first time too)

So I was wondering if there is any CSS wizardry to have three components and put them on the same ‘row’ in the ux?

A day
The month (choice)
The year

Doable? Thanks!

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thats why i do all my pickers custom… Glide is not old users friendly, they getting lost :wink:


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Very cool - do you have a date of birth picker too? I see a time picker which works great :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

no, i did not need it yet… i have time, open hours, address, and custom filters

This Glide Date picker is an absolute nightmare for me. It is the biggest area of user complaint. I have a terrible workaround for people to just type in numbers (dd.mm.yyyy) but that is a terrible solution… as I cannot stop people below the age of consent from joining.

How can something this fundamental be so poorly implemented :((((((((((((

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Unfortunately, I have to agree. Selecting a year in the date picker is NOT intuitive. Would also like to have the option to manually type a date and have the date picker format it appropriately.


Okay, so that explains what’s going on with the DOB entries causing the PDF generation to fail for some rows. I replied to your PM about this - we should discuss.

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