Importrange, Sheet, Upgrade

I have a google sheet which includes a Tab called ‘Partner Accounts’. This data/tab includes Row IDs and is part of my test data.

I have copied all the existing data for this Tab to a new Sheet/Tab and have used Importrange to create a master list (the existing test data plus a few thousand more new entries) which will be the new ‘Partner Accounts’ tab. The existing data has Row IDs, the new data (obviously) does not.

I am creating a new version of the App and was going to clone the sheet and then replace the existing Partner Accounts Tab with an “Importrange” call which includes the existing Partner Accounts (with Row IDs) and the new accounts (with now Row IDs).

The go forward plan is for my Partner Account table in my MAIN sheet to be populated via the Importrange from a Master List which is a combination of semi-constantly updated account lists/sheets/tables and the existing data already imported into Glide. Net/Net: Existing accounts will have RowIDs, new accounts will not.

Can Glide handle this situation - e.g. having a sheet created/updated via Importrange that also includes RowI IDs?

Hope this makes sense…I was going to test this tomorrow but since it has the chance of breaking all accounts - figured I would ask the collective wisdom.

Ask questions as this may not make sense to anyone but myself :confused:

I think the answer is yes, but the “RowID” column will be just treated as another text column. So even though it might have the RowID label, it won’t behave like a Glide RowID column. Most importantly, you won’t see values being generated for new rows that are added.

I think if you name the column row ID with the emoji… glide will adopt it as a native row ID… I have seen this behavior in my apps, but I don’t know if that will not create problems.

I would add the RowID column via glide first. That way the column is designated as a true RowID column. Then perform the import. I think if a RowID column is already populated, then glide won’t overwrite it.