Importing shapefiles into glide

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I am following up on this conversation: Arquivos shapefile no glide

Is there a way glide allow the integration of shapefiles now ? I would like to create a feedback system regarding property valuation. To do so I will need to load the city cadastre (which is an ESRI shapefile). I would like to create something similar to this (, with the possibility for the valuers to add their valuation.

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No, there is nothing like that in Glide. Maps in Glide are pretty simple and can only show pins for locations. It can’t handle the import of external shape files into maps. I don’t see Glide ever going in that direction.

The only thing I can think of is to try to find a GIS service that allows itself to be embedded in a Glide Webview. Then that service would probably need an API or be able to interact with Glide’s API to work with any additional data that you may have within Glide.

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Noted, thank you for your response.

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