Important T&C updates

Important T&C updates

Clarity on GDPR “data controller”

  1. If you Process any User Data that is subject to the EU “GDPR”, then you are operating as a “data controller” and you must enter into Glide’s standard Data Processing Addendum (, which explains how Glide handles, on your instructions, all User Data you Process using the Services.

Rise from 20 to 30%

  1. For each Paid Template that is purchased by a Template User, Glide shall be entitled to a commission equal to thirty percent (30%) of all fees paid or payable by such Template User in connection with such Paid Template (the “Glide Commission”), without deduction for any taxes or any other government levies.
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  1. This is a standard term under GDPR: Chapter 4 – Controller and processor | General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  2. Template store commission has always been 30%, modeled after App Store commission.

Really, I always thought it was 20%. Well my bank balance never seems to suggest it. I think Glide is undercharging itself. I’m sure I’m always receiving 80% of the transaction. Pls check.

Can someone clarify what “Process any User Data” means. If all we do is to take their info onto our sheet, does that count if I’m not doing anything with that data that is not in the app? In other words, does collecting an email for login purposes count? If I add to an email list, does that count? I’m guessing the email does.

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Yes user data is well defined and includes email. Let me pull what is covered by the definition for you.
But as always pls consult your solicitor/attorney.

The measures are rather draconian and emphasis is not on use but collection.

Back shortly

Everything you need to know. You will see that it’s interpreted very broadly.

Thank you.

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