GDPR compliance workaround

Hi there.
Now with analytics, it motivated me to improve the flow of acquisition for my MVP.

Due to not having full GDPR compliance in Glide (we know it’s coming) I’ve created a homepage with to have as a nice landing page to send new users. This way I get to explain the proposition whilst capturing consent.

At the top I have an email submission with T&C’s regarding the website and app.

From I send and email to zapier with the user’s email on the subject (it also allows to send directly to zapier).
There I have a zapp receiving the email and creating a row on my users sheet with the user’s email (I have email whitelisted pro account)
On form submission I redirect to the app url and the user enters the email and receives the PIN.

I have just implemented this but I assume it’s going to impact my conversion quite significantly as I was manually sending emails to people in bulk.

It will also allow me to track better in google analytics.

I hope it’s useful for you.


@Sandro_Brito Thanks for sharing your way of handling consent from users

Please be aware that GDPR is quite a lot more than obtaining consent. You need amongst other to be able to be in control of the data that the user submits to you - and you must be able to remove it if the user requests that. If you make the user upload photo in a form the photo is stored directly at Glides server, I believe. You cannot delete this information yourself and the only way, to my knowledge, Glide will be able to do that is to complete remove your app.

I really do hope that Glide comes up with a fully thought-through concept for GDPR. Many of the templates exposed by Glide do use personal data and I cannot see how you as developer willl be able to fulfil the GDPR regulations.

Thanks for that.
I am aware of all those rights of gdpr like the right to be forgotten. I am using glide as a platform for an MVP. If I get people asking that I will manually remove them and then request Glide to remove them too.
Once I get validation of my idea, I’ll move into a full
Mobile build where I have the control over everything.

GDPR, could an new option implemented within the “get the pin code” process. This would improve the professional status of glideapps